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Have you heard about ebikes, but haven’t fully grasped what they are? Do you want to understand why you should prefer an ebike over a conventional one? Read this article and you’ll learn five good reasons to choose an ebike.

1. Less Effort

An ebike is still 100% a bike. It has a handlebar, two wheels and two pedals. But it also has an engine that’s powered by an electric battery and driven by pedaling. In other words, you pedal with an ebike but put in a lot less effort. You can exercise and get great results with half the effort required by a classic bike.

2. Indipendence

How long does an ebike’s battery last? A fully charged battery gives you 70 km of autonomy: not bad, don’t you think? To recharge it, all you have to do is plug it in. You can go home to take care of it, charge it in a public place, or find a charging tower like the ones installed in Belluno at Elettromeccanica Cuprum and at the Bed & Breakfast in Fisterre.

3. Freedom

Have you always dreamed of going on a biking holiday, but never done it because you were worried it would be too tiring? With an ebike, you can be free to go wherever you like. Assisted pedaling helps you during the hard parts, and lets you fulfil your dream of going on a biking adventure.

4. Ecology

With an ebike you can choose a new way to get around the city every day that’s environmentally friendly. You can use it to go to work, meet friends or run errands around town. You’re thinking, “What did you just say?”. Can’t you also do all of that with a normal bike? Of course you can, if you want to get to work late and be all sweaty by the time you meet up with your friends.

5. Community

Ebike enthusiasts are a real family. They are friends who share a great passion for bike rides in the company of others. Be careful though, if you join this club you’ll never want to leave it. Are you ready to dedicate entire weekends to your ebike?


Still not sure if an ebike is right for you? Hire one, try it, and if you like it you can also buy it. is the perfect ebike hire site for you: take a look at the models available and find out just how great getting around with an ebike is.